Class: phosphate
Rarity: Very Rare Crystal:  crystal with a radiated incrustations habit 
Colour: white;   Lustre: unknown;   Fracture: unknown;  
Hardness - between 0 and: 10;   Density - between 0 and: 24
Dana number: 730

WAVELLITE (Al3(PO4)2(OH,F)3.5(H2O))
Class: phosphate
Rarity: Common Crystal:  crystal with a globular radiated habit 
Colour: white yellow green gray black brown;   Streak: white;   Lustre: vitreous pearly resinous;   Transparency: translucent;
Tenacity: brittle;   Cleavage: perfect;   Fracture: uneven subconchoidal;  
Hardness - between 3.25 and: 4;   Density - between 2.32 and: 2.34
Dana number: 729

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