The Fossil History of Australia

The "Dreamtime"

How do we see ourselves in this Island continent? Unique, young, daring and ready for fun, we stand in an ancient land that we need to understand, so that the story will be told to those who will be the guardians.

In the "dreamtime", there was Gondwana, a land mass which held the areas now called Australia, Antartica, South America, India and South Africa.

The Earth 250 million years ago.
(Australia in mauve)

Australia was not always "Down Under". It moved south with the Antarctic land mass until it split off and is now heading steadily northwards again, scheduled to bump into Asia in about 50 million more years.

We are, it seems on a vast boat, and going somewhere all together.

Past time is now designated by paleontologists in sections which relate to a periods of particular emergence of life, and which are often of immensely differing amounts of time.


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